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Cannot edit any of my apps

Any one else experiencing the, “Oops, we ran into a temporary error updating your app. Please reload the page and try again…” error?

I’ve cleared cache, cookies, restarted, changed browsers, and it happens every time I try to edit a single item no matter what.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I can access my app but a client can’t access their app. :cry: @eve can we get a status on the fix?

I’m not in the editor, but the operation of my app has slowed to a crawl as has the main Bubble page which lists my apps. I saw Bubble had an incident earlier today. Perhaps another one has cropped up.

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Yeah, seems like Bubble is down at the moment for a lot of people. Hopefully they get working on this quickly. :sweat_smile: @emmanuel

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Hey folks, thanks for flagging! Looking into this now, presenting like an AWS issue.

Brief update – AWS Oregon is having trouble today, which is, unfortunately, where most Bubble apps are hosted!

We’ll keep folks posted as this develops.


Same here

Oh, it would be great if Bubble would differentiate between countries or have a choice of hosting an app in the Premium Plan, AWS Europe has 20 locations!

Yeap … things are so slow that it is practically not possible to do any work on the platform

Is there a solution/workaround here? I had to make a change that affects our month end calculations and some other programmes we are starting from Sep 1.

I generally wait for night time (India time zone) to release the changes so that not many people are using the website. Now I am in middle of the night here but unable to make changes live :frowning:

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Unfortunately I think we need to wait this out – we’re in touch with the folks at AWS, and it doesn’t sound like there’s something we can do short-term that will get us to resolution faster than letting them finish their investigation and mitigation

My status here is:

Production is fine :ballot_box_with_check:
(Average load time = 1.5 seconds)

Developing is extremelly slow :x:
(Average load time = 23 seconds)

Is this the status with everybody else?

Same here for now. Just checked my editor and plugin editor. Both deadlyslow.

Preview mode app - slow

Probably should update that 30-day 100% uptime rating :joy::rofl::sob::sob::sob:

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It’s painful when what should be the most dependable part of our tech stack goes down, oh well.

For anyone else with a Live app, I’d recommend throwing up some alert messages stating the issue and asking users to check back later, a very simple way to help user frustration :+1:

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Time for a coffee :coffee: break since nothing is working any more. :blush:

My app is running fine here…
I am having problems only in developing mode.

Ok, now I got the problem)) As I was thinking that something wrong with my internet or pc

Me too :rofl: :joy:

I was thinking WTF I did with the code ?!?!!?

My App is essentially dead at the moment and causing critical issues for my users.

We’re currently trying to shift load away from the impacted AWS zone, which hopefully will help, although we don’t think it will fix things 100%

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