Cannot get my head around responsive elements/design in Bubble

Hi all,

I need some help here. I’m by no means unfamiliar with responsive design and I understand the core principals of it. I even know how to create responsive sites in html and css but I just don’t seem to get my head around how it is working (or not working) in Bubble.

I think what is throwing me off is grouping elements together. When I created my site, I grouped a lot of elements together in order to center them horizontally TOGETHER. This seems to be the only way to do that. As just selecting multiple items and saying center horizontally did not have the intended outcome.

Once I have created a group of elements, I don’t seem to be able to ungroup them? And if I delete the group I created, it deletes all elements associated with the group too. When my intention is just to delete the group element itself, not the elements contained within.

Are there any tutorials out there that really dig deep in to responsive design in Bubble? So far what I have discovered only scratches the surface.

Responsiveness was the hardest thing for me to understand, then I started picturing groups like divs. Like divs, groups can have groups inside of them.

It does suck that you can’t delete a group without deleting everything in it and selecting all the elements to “ungroup” them can be difficult as well.

I’ve found it easiest to drag everything out of the group and then delete the group.