Cannot Hello World with Text

Trying two things: First is simple set text box value. Second is multiply…

Neither work…spent hours on this…why is it so hard? And how to solve? Thank you.

i didnt withdraw the post…what is going on? i need hlep

I think he might have said something in the trend of… Hold on! What did you say? I can’t understand a word here… :crazy_face:

Can you explain what you need and I’ll help you out?

I just updated Input Num to Integer, and the Workflow error is gone. Does this solve your issue? Text Text r2’s rt is now Text r2’s rt.

The output is now working fine…

Yeah, just was a bit confused by what your looking to do base on what you had

I bet that he didn’t take the starter lessons. They are all about this…

ok, someone went in and edited the code for me. Thank you to whomever that was. So it seems that one must create a state, assign the state to the result of a text field…Seems a bit complicated no? Took me hours to figure this out and only with your guys help. Which tutorial or documentation covers this topic?

The result outputted is not the result of a text field but Integers and States containing numbers.

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