Cannot insert character space in between dynamic input values

Considering I’ve been using Bubble for so many years this feels silly to ask but it’s really got me over the rails.

I’m running a workflow that sets a state value. Its an automatic name generator that combines the users username, a random word from an API, and the word “League.”

It will let me add the word at the end, no problem, and I can give that word a leading space so it looks right. But, between the username and the API injected word, I can’t get a space to happen. I can even make the API call without an :append on the username.

When I click on “More” in the input value field, it just becomes a search for modifiers on the username query rather than a true “next thing” unless I use append. But I don’t want to append because it makes the username and the random word into one word.

This should be so easy but it’s drinking my milkshake.

You can use an “arbitrary text” as value. Inside it you can use both dynamic expressions and characters.


And there it is. My brain expected the input field to behave like arbitrary text. But at any rate it works. Thank you!

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