Cannot read property 'is_reserved_url' of undefined

Hello there,

Strangely the call which was working perfectly yesterday is giving me a error message like below… The call still works fine on Postman and the problem occurs only in Bubble API Connector. Any ideas about how to fix?

Thanks in advance

There was an issue setting up your call.

Error trying to fetch file at URL ‘’: Cannot read property ‘is_reserved_url’ of undefined

Same problem on my side when I try to send an image on a API.
It’s a new issue, it was working well since 5 months without problems and this problem just appear few minutes ago

I sent a bug report. Hopefully they’ll work on it asap

Same error on my side, using the Whisper API. I spent 1h30 trying to find the mistake because I could swear I had changed nothing. So frustrating …

same issue here

Same here !

That’s really annoying to get bugs - and loose so much time debugging - although it’s not your fault…

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Same here. Submitted bug report too

Same problme here:/

Hi, same here. Was wondering if i was mad.

Same thing here. Logged a bug. Hopefully it’s a quick fix.

I’m also experiencing the issue. No rhyme or reason. I’ve contacted bubble support.

Hi all,

It seems fixed on my side