Cannot select reusable group for RG search constraint

On my page I have a RG and a filters dropdown that is a reusable group. When filters are added in the dropdown it sets custom states on the reusable group - BUT when I try to add those as search constraints on the RG, the reusable element (called filters_job) is not even an option to select.

I’m trying to set the constraint to "Industry (a single select dropdown) = filters_job’s industry but as you can see from the screenshot filters_jobs isn’t even an option to select.

Solved it! Sharing this here in case anyone else runs into this.

As it turns out I had the custom state “Industry” on the reusable element set to type “text” instead of type “Industry” (an option set), so the system was not providing the filter_job RE as a search constraint option because there was nothing with a matching option set for it to use.

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