Cannot set geographic adress in my database using workflow

Dear Bubble Community,

I have tried to set a location in the database using a searchbox and a button. When I click on the button I want to have the text in the searchbox saved in the database as a geographic adress.
But I get the error below when I am building the workflow and try to force the text inside the searchbox to be the location.

There was an error converting the address {“request_type”:“geocode”,“language”:“en_us”,“address”:“Input Loca”} into a geographic location. Error message: ZERO_RESULTS

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Hi Quentin,

This error means that the value you entered into the searchbox can’t be parsed as a valid google address.

If you are using a “searchbox” element set to “geographic addresses,” you need to select an option from the dropdown to confirm the value of the input.

If you are using a standard “input” element, make sure the content type is set to “address” which will allow the input to automatically parse what you type and convert it into a valid address.

Anything saved to a geographic address field must be a valid google address searchable on google maps.

I hope this helps!

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