Canonical tags - how does it work AND how to set up multiple tags

I’m not sure if I understand the hreflang tag (the one on the screenshot); please correct me if I’m wrong but does this tag says to google, to match the language in my app with the one in the current user’s browser (of course if I’ve set up a tag that matches with this user’s browser language otherwise it would take the default language)?

And if it works like that, then I’d like to set up like 8 hreflang tags because I have 8 languages in my app, and the question here would be; how do I set up multiple hreflang tags so they won’t be contradictory or something like that? The example on the screenshot is just for one tag.

your screen shows a hard coded hreflang parameter of english US, so no, it is not matching to the one in the current users browser.

Unless this user’s browser languages is English right?

Yes, if the browser language is English US, then the hardcoded value you provided of English US would match :clap:

Exactly, the screenshot was just for an example