Can't Acess Current Thing with Drop Area

Hey fellow bubblers

I’m creating a daily plan for menus. There are two kind of repeating groups; one for Menus and one for Dates. I want to drop the menu on the date, so it’s displayed there.

I have found a way to do it with a database “datemenu”, where the dates with the corresponsing menu are stored. The problem is that the process is very slow. When I drop the menu on the date, in the workflow I can’t access the current cells datemenu, but only the current cells date. Hence I have to make a search for the datemenu entry…

My two questions are:

  • Is there a possibility to access the current cells thing via the drop area on that cell?
  • Does anyone has a more efficient way to built that?

Here’s the link to the app:

Thanks for your help