Can't bring data into a field when clicked

I’m working on an exercise where, when a user clicks on a description from a repeating group, the description from that cell populates a different multiline input on the page.

I have all of my groups set up with matching data sources. I’ve triple checked everything. What seems to be missing is in the workflow, I don’t have the option to select “Current cell’s CSA box,” only “Current cell’s index,” and that gets me nowhere.

Can someone help me know how to get this option? Is this a bug? Here’s what I see on my screen:

I reakon there’s something going on here, I’m facing a similar issue but it’s not with RG’s but instead with all of my API calls, none of them are returning the fields through the editor and all my demo pages which utilise fields from within an API call setup through the plugin builder are throwing errors. I’m not sure what’s going on. Hoping it will magically fix itself!