Can't change custom state

I can’t seem to update a Custom State correctly when using a button in an RG Cell - any advice??

I have a Custom State that I’m using to determine which Cell in a RG is expanded.

I have a button with a workflow that seeks to update the Custom State to the current Cell’s index:

If the Custom State already has the current Cell’s index, it should remove the value:

Track the actions that take place through the debugger

Have tried… I tried disabling the action where current cell does not = custom state’s value.

When page loads, default is 1. Click on the button in Cell 1. Expected behaviour is that 1 should be cleared to empty.

Nothing happens, no change. I’ve got a text printout on the page of the Custom State Value and it isn’t changing.

i feel like both actions are overlaping eachother, been through this many times,
try split both actions in 2 workflows, create 1 button for each action, then put your Only when logic inside each button conditional, also hidding them. Let me know if this works

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