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Can't change RG layout style

Hello everyone,

Coming to Bubble after a while and this is driving me crazy. I am sure the solution is simple but can’t seem to find it.

Although I have a unique cell in my RG, it throws an error when I try to use a button to navigate to the next item in the list (see screenshot).

I know there was an option right in the Appearance tab to set the Layout Style but I don’t see it anymore.

Anyone can help?

Hello and thanks for posting! It looks as though you have opted into the new responsive engine. In the new responsive, the previous Layout Style option has been removed. This is expected, as you now control the rows & columns in the Repeating Group instead. Please feel free to reach out to Bubble Support if you have additional questions about this new setup!

Thanks Rachel,

My next question is then: how do I solve the issue mentioned in the screenshot? Although I fixed the rows and columns to 1, Bubble still considers the RG to be scrollable.

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