Cant click elements

Hey, what is the possible solution for:

Elements like buttons and groups that are clickable are not clickable if the vertical scroll position is not straight on it. Feels like its out of viewbox or something.

some screenshots.

Check your conditionals the two different close icons have different colors, which is likely based on a condition you have on it…and likely that condition is making it not clickable

Thanks for checking in.
The same would apply for a any other element.
Its like i can click only when my display is scrolled or in viewport of particular group.

Also I noticed that i cant click them only if they are on top and i scrolled down. If i scroll up and they are at bottom of my screen, - then they are responsive.

As I mentioned it could be a conditional…so if that is not the case, it could be an element that is not visible to the eye (ie: no background) and is somehow placed in such a way that it will cover the elements. It is less likely with the new flexbox system, but when I first started building it happened to me often that something I thought I removed actually was not.

Otherwise it is hard to tell because in the screen shots there are no scroll bars, plus with the new flexbox system, when a scrollbar appears, elements are shifted over accordingly.

One way to check out is when you are in preview and you see the issue, press the inspect button from the debugger and then hover over the element that is not clickable and check the inspector what element you are hovering. If it is not the one you expect, note the name of the element and find it in the editor so you can remove it.

Overall, I think the debugger and inspect tool is your friend here. Because if it is conditionals you can also use the inspect tool to find out how those conditionals are evaluating.

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thank you, ill look into it and will let know if this solved!

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