Can't connect back my domain ! BUG for 3 days now

Asked to do this

Have done it

3 days later nothing works.

Am I doing something wrong here?

@emmanuel @josh

I experienced something like this, @peterj found some issue and fixed it. Did you file a bug report?

Where is your @ record. The @ record is your blank record. Make your TTL at 10 minutes.

(*) refers to Wildcard, completely different thing.

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@nocodeventure has the right of if; your registrar screenshot shows you using the wildcard record (*) which matches everything of the form,, but doesn’t match the root record (often denoted as @), e.g.

I glanced at your app and did a DNS lookup, and you don’t currently have a root record, which is why you’re having this issue.

@danielowega @nocodeventure @peterj

Thank you all!

It seems that the @ does the trick. Maybe Bubble could write @ instead of blank?..

Not all domain providers have the @ sign.

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But, for example 123-reg doesn’t allow “empty” [hence I put a *]

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