Can't connect to Data API via SSLv3

I’m using GoAnywhere from Help Systems to upload data via the REST API’s and get an error when I enable SSL for the Bubble app. Everything works as expected without SSL enabled on the Bubble end. The error from GoAnywhere is in the attached image. The error states SSLv3 is not supported on the client (GoAnywhere) side. Help Systems claims the version of Java (1.7) used by their app has SSLv3 disabled by default because of security issues. I made a change to Java to enable SSLv3, but that didn’t work.

Is there another option on the Bubble side to use a different encryption type? I will settle for no encryption for the REST traffic, if that is the only option. But, I must have the front-end encrypted.

Any help is much appreciated!

Try running a server test with a GET Data API on this site:

Look for this section to confirm that SSLv3 is enabled or not …

I tested with a POST, since that is the method I use from GoAnywhere. My results were identical to the image you posted, i.e., SSLv3 is not enabled. It now looks like the GoAnywhere error message is misleading. I’m glad its not an issue on the Bubble side. I’ll follow-up with Help Systems to track down this problem.

Thanks for your help!

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The problem was a setting in GoAnywhere and it is now resolved. Thanks!!