Can't display a Number Data Type on an iPad?

I add this function “Current’s cell index” to a text element, it working on desktop and android device.
not on an iPad the text is just disappear, tested with both safari and chrome, please help!
p.s.“:sum” function is not working on an iPad as well :sob:

from editor

from Desktop & andriod

from iPad


That’s really odd. Perhaps it’s a formatting issue related to responsive layout? Or perhaps a data access issue related to being logged in?

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No, it’s not, try this link with and iOS device
this is a plain text reading data from a different data type.

The text appears in the Chrome browser on my iPhone when in portrait orientation. It does not appear in the Safari browser on my iPhone when in portrait orientation, but it does appear on my iPhone when I turn it to landscape orientation.

EDIT: There’s a setting in your screenshot that says “Cut off content if the element is not…”, but I can’t read the rest of it. Don’t know if that’s related to your issue, but the data it is obviously there; it’s just not being displayed in certain situations on iOS.

Thanks for being with me, but I have tried all the check box that they have.
as I’m seeing is it having an issue with “number data type”.
may I ask your iOS version?

12.3.1 - i.e. latest for my device.

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Working on my iPad.

Thanks @marcusandrews
but this is what i’m seeing

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