Can't display User database info

Hey there,

I’m having trouble with the “Search for” function specifically when searching for “user” data. I can retreive any other type of data but whenever the “Search for” is about anything of the user type, it doesn’t work.

Here I’ve set it to look for the current “Evenement”'s “nom_anim”. Notice that there is a date left and a theme right that work fine.

Here is the preview, left and right work but only the field from the “user” database comes out blank. The same happens in drop downs or any other field that involves “search for” and “users”.

nom anim 2
Here’s the user data that is not blank in the field “nom_anim”.

Anyone knows why this isn’t working ? I’ve used search dozen of times in my app and it works fine, it just can’t seem to fetch any data from users.

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Privacy rules?

That was it thanks a ton !

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