Can't figure out simple saving problem

I’m having trouble with what seems to be a very simple problem!

Little context, HVAC companies use CallBoss to book phone calls. A user runs through the talking points to collect information from the person on the phone. When the user starts a call, sometimes the homeowner is referred by a “Technician”. These technicians can updated often, so I’m built a “Technician” database.

I’m trying to be able to allow the user to:

  1. Select Technician as the start of the call
  2. Select a technician name
  3. Have that name be saved as part of the ‘call’ for the technician referral source.

I had this working when the technicians name was static, but now that I’ve made technicians name dynamic it’s not working.

I have got steps 1 and 2 to work dynamically, but the technicians name isn’t getting saved to the 'call.

Here is the page: callbosstest | Bubble Editor

Here is the set up to select the technician name:

This is the workflow to save the technician name to the call.

It seems like I’m missing something simple. Any ideas?

I looked at the code and it looks ok, so my guess is that Technician Name is not being populated in the dropdown for some reason. Use the debug to check it has a value for Name when you select it.

Usually when something doesn’t save it’s because of a Type mismatch but I think in this case they are both Text so should work.


Thanks Simon. I figure it out. There was another hidden technician field that I had not updated that was erasing the data mid way through the sequence. Thanks for your help!