Can't find Figma plugin in plugin marketplace

Hello! I know there is a Figma plugin Figma Integration | Bubble
but i can’t find it when i try to search

Was plugin deleted or i do something wrong?

I don’t think you need a plug in within Figma.
Here is the manual:

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Thanks for help, you are right!

No problem.
The Figma integration works well if you plan for it. I ran into issues with fonts. Bubble wouldn’t let me change them after in imported them. So maybe change all your fonts to something that is already avaiable in bubble, then change them after import.

I learned to make a Figma project with 1 frame for import.
Basically design your app, then copy/paste the frame you want to import into a new doc. Sync that new doc with Bubble. Rinse and Repeat for each frame you need imported.


thank you for advice, mate. i’ll try it today