Can't get expression from JS

Hi guys,

I’m working on an integration with the Hippo Video API/SDK and i’m having a problem retrieving the recorded_url from the returned payload when the recording starts. I can see it in the browser console (see code just above the red section at the bottom), but using the expression element I can’t retrieve it as it says recorded_url is not defined in the expression element error in the console:

Here is the expression element:

Please urgently help as I need to deliver this to a client ASAP!


Are you the one sending that console.log that says “recording initiated”? This log message:

If so, then you know where that object it’s showing is.

Anyway, the thing being shown there is an object:

{recorded_url: "blah", preview_url: "blah", etc.}

WHERE is that object saved? What is its name?

“recorded_url” is a key in that object. So you can’t just reference “recorded_url” you reference the “recorded_url” key of whatever this object is.

For example: Is that object stored on the window and is it called video_info? If so, you would reference it as:


And that returns the whole object. To access the recorded_url key from it you would do:


To illustrate:

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