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Can't get geographic location to a new page

I’ve searched the forum for hours trying to find out how to do this, but can’t figure it out

I have an app where companiesand renters have user accounts. Companies log in to list what they have to rent. Renters then need to be able to search for these items. The home page (index) has 3 fields. A ‘from date’, ‘to date’ and ‘city’ field. The renter fills these out then hits a search button. I need these 3 fields transferred to my search page. I’ve gotten the ‘from date’ and ‘to date’ to transfer (although bubble says there are errors it is working). but the geographical box isn’t transferring correctly. No matter what city i put in on the index page, the search result always shows antarctica. Is this just a bug?

What is in the dropdown for city ? I would think you would want to send the name of the city. What does the the url on that page look like ?

Everything will have to go across as “text”.

It might be easier to temporarily store the search fields on a the user, and then pull them back. Or keep it all on the same page.

Do you mean what is in the drop down the user will see? its geographic locations.

Here is what the URL Looks like

If you put the autocomplete inside a group, and set the group to have type Geographic Address, and then set the default to the parent group … it works as expected.

Maybe worth raising a bug, I got antarctica too.

This worked! Thank You