Can't get OAuth2 Custom Token to work (Undefined Index error)

Been stuck on this one for a while and I’m sure there’s an easy fix…

I’m trying to use API Connector with so that I can use Bubble to programmatically cancel scheduled webinars.

I’m having difficulty with Oauth2 Custom Token and would appreciate any help! I keep getting a “Unidentified Index: grant_type” error when I try to initialize the call (I presume that’s how you test if you’ve correctly fetched an auth token?).

Live Webinar API info: ArchieBot API



So I was able to get past that error by adding a Token call header key/value pair:

Key: Content-Type Value: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Now I have this error:

I have been stuck on setting this up also the past few days, so keen to see how this is resolved.

It seems that bubbles implementation of OAuth 2 is slightly unorthodox, and mapping of the archibot API to bubble as per their documentation throws up a few issues of authentication, as your secret should be use to request the token before any calls are made.

The best error I have got so far is a 401 unauthorized.


So I’ve almost got it figured out lol.

I started with a “None or self-handled” Authentication

Then I did a Post method as laid out in archiebot api documentation and was able to successfully generate an access token

I then had to copy and paste that token into my header. So when it says Authorization Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN, instead of literally ACCESS_TOKEN you replace that with the long chain of generated characters you just copied.

I’m still having trouble with doing the delete call

I got the desired call I was looking for.

Since the access token is dynamically generated and is not constant you cannot be changing it again by copy pasting it right?