Can't Get Reusable Form to Autobind

On my index page, when a new user submits the registration form, I have a workflow that both signs up the user, and creates a profile for them, which are 2 separate “things”. The profile form is a reusable element, that I have duplicated on the index page (but is hidden to the user), merely so that I can access the “create a new profile” workflow via triggering a custom event.

After getting signed up and getting redirected to the user_profile page, where the reusable form is visible, I can see that the profile is getting created and getting linked to the user, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to autobind.

I have included a link to my editor; if anyone has time to take a quick look to see what I’m doing wrong, I would appreciate it!!

On your Family Profile page, the reusable is set to use “Current user’s Family Profile” as a source. Family Profile here is a field on the user record but you’re not setting it anywhere as far as I can see. Your custom workflow in the reusable should make a change to the current user and set Family Profile to the profile created in step 1. I don’t think you need the Display data in Family profile step.

By the way, I assume that you have deliberately relaxed your privacy rules for the Family Profile in order to troubleshoot this issue. Don’t forget to set it to This Family Profile’s User is Current User (or something along those lines) when you’re done. The way it is set now would allow a user to edit every other user’s profile.