Can't go to a page if it's labeled "/dashboard/" instead of "/dashboard1/", "/dashboard2/", "/dashboard3/", etc

I have been trying FOR DAYS to create a dashboard for customers, employees, and potential employees, all in the same page, but with different paths. The customers and employees are in User, but the potential employee are not in User. However, that shouldn’t be a problem because I use search for list: count is 1 and all 3 work perfectly on “/dashboard4/”:

Oh, and now, “/dashboard/” doesn’t even work for the customer nor employee. What’s going on?

Edit: The way it works now, when I “login” from index for the potential employee, the page does not even go to “/dashboard/”. Index just refreshes and that is it.

If “dashboard2” is not a page, then it probably won’t work.

What you will need to do is have a single page, then read in the path. It is the path (the bit after version-test/dashboard) which will need to be dynamic.

You can’t create pages on the fly in Bubble.

Sorry for the confusion, I have created a page named dashboard and the url set up as
Open as external website > Destination: Website home url dashboard/dynamicpart(status) for logged in user
Open as external website > Destination: Website home url dashboard/candidate/username for potential employee

The weird thing is that, like page dashboard2 or dashboard3 or dashboard4, it works perfectly fine with a page called db.

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