Can't hide group when field is filled


I want user to accept or decline Project preview sent to him/her. To do it client need to click Accept project or Decline project. This is boolean field. Before it is done, field is empty.

I want Bubble to show the group when field in databse is empty. And hide these fields (group) when field is filled with yes or no. But it is not working to me. I tried with two different ways and get stuck.

2021-03-01 07_59_58-Prodentdigital _ Bubble Editor and 3 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge
2021-03-01 08_00_34-Prodentdigital _ Bubble Editor and 3 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge

In these two cases group is always hidden. Even when field is empty or filled with yes/ no.

This is the case because you made the conditionals hide it whether the value equaled to yes or no?

A Yes/No field can only have two possible values (either yes, or no) - it can’t be empty (null) - that would give it 3 possible values - an empty yes/no field will evaluate to ‘no’ (you can check this in the debugger to see for yourself).

If you need 3 possible values, then either use a text state, a number state, or an option set (e.g. Project Status - Accepted, Declined, Pending).

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OK I changed the field from yes/no to text. Now it works correct.

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