Can't initialize call

Hi Guys ,

I need to pull a list of contacts from google people api. I stumbled upon 2 problems that i’m having hard time to solve:

  1. The authorization is working well until i’m getting this:

  2. When i’m trying to initialize a call i’m getting this:

These is the configuration on the api connector:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey @sivsiv

I’m using Google as well, although I’m using the None of self-handled method, not the OAuth User-Agent flow.

Are you sure your Login dialog redirect and Access token endpoint are correct?
My config is:

Then it seems to me that your GET List of Contacts URL is not right. In Google’s documentation, the resourceName (“contactGroups”) should be dynamic:

Thanks a lot ! I’m will try it and update.

Hi @ambroisedlg

I am facing a similar problem & tried changing the URLs you suggested, however I’m still getting Error 401 as below:

Sharing api screenshots for ref-

Is there a way to solve this?