Can't load and display data from "Number Data Type" on iPad iOS 9.3.5

I can’t load and display the data from “number” data type on the iPad

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I created a calculation app, so there are many numbers and it almost finished.
Hopefully, I won’t hear “Your iOS version is not supported” from you.
Because retrieving numbers from the database and calculate it,
It seems like every device should be able to do.

I don’t know if it’s the same ‘bug’ I submitted to Bubble a few days ago. It should work. I tried on Chrome ipad simulator, it works.

After checking on my real ipad, you right. You can send an official bug report to @Bubble. My bug is that Bubble doesn’t load at startup the first time. You have to refresh the screen to make it work.

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for me refreshing the site isn’t help, I reported the bug, thanks!

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