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Can't pass a list which doesn't have any fields in POST method

So in Google Calendar API when creating events there is a particular property called recurrence[] which is just a list without any nested properties. In API Connector POST Call I specified this property in JSON Body like this: “recurrence”: ["<recurrence>"]. After initializing the method doesn’t give me any errors though, but it also doesn’t return me this property neither and in calendar itself this property isn’t specified at all…
I don’t have a problem passing the lists with extra properties like attendees[] and so on, but don’t have any clue how to pass this recurrence.
Just in case, I also tried these options:
<recurrence>”: [ “RRULE:FREQ=DAILY;COUNT=2”]
“recurrence”: ["<recurrence List>"]
<recurrence List>”: [<recurrence List>]
and so on.
Did anybody encounter similar problem? Would be glad for any help!

So, as usual clever thoughts comes tomorrow morning. Rather, the problem is quite stupid. There is also property called originalStartTime. In google documentation there is a little information about it. So after bunch of searching and googling i was able to find it on Python’s integration of Google Calendar API library.

“originalStartTime”: # For an instance of a recurring event, this is the time at which this event would start according to the recurrence data in the recurring event identified by recurringEventId. It uniquely identifies the instance within the recurring event series even if the instance was moved to a different time. Immutable.

Initially I thought it’s like a private time known by organizer himself and some other “VIPs”, so I just set it to 5 minutes earlier from usual start time, how stupid of me…
So anyone who also would stuck on this, here is solution: Don’t add originalStartTime property when create events for the first time or else recurrence will not work. It’s just needed for appending events to already created recurring event. Hope, I sounded clear.