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Cant pull value on API because it is not being shown as option in bubble

I am using summary API on rapidapi but I cant pull the data because it is not being shown as option on the bubble workflow

I want to get this as you can see the summary

but on the only options showing is “summarization type” and “orginaltext”


when what I need is the summary as you can see on the first image

Please help!

Thank you!

Are you using the API Connector to implement the RapidAPI calls, or did you grab a plug-in someone else created?

I am using the API connector plugin to do rapidapi calls

Here is the settings. Can you help me out?

We need to take a look at what is coming back from the API call. Can you please post screencaps of the raw response object, as well as how you’ve got it mapped in the Bubble “field map” window?

in the response presented by bubble to Workflow actions, the JSON elements may be limited to TOP-LEVEL … And if summary is a child, then you may have to use whatever bubble idiom is allowing to step down the elements in JSON to what you want.

calls[0].$metadata.httpStatusCode is need path in JSON path idiom to reference the status in json struct belo

above , if you want filename in bubble WF you have to have expression like

calls :last items fileNam

Note JSON types are important in the resultant syntax
calls is Json.Array
children of calls ref’d by their index value in the array , thus the “last-item”
and then you can actually reference the specific element that u need

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