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Can't receive emails, Bubble or Hosting issue?

Hi Guys,

I have recently moved my domain from using wordpress and being hosted at bluehost, to being hosted on bubble.

Since then I haven’t been able to receive any emails.

I have set the admin email on bubble to ‘[email protected]’ and they seem to be sending alright, but when I check the account the new mail doesn’t come through.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice?


This may not be the answer you are looking for but:

When you set your admin email in bubble: this means that any emails that are sent from within your application - are sent from [email protected] - not to.

So if you have a support or feedback section - and a users writes something - then submits: this means that their text input (feedback/support etc) will come from your chosen admin email, and then go to (a second email address that you as the administrator have set up outside of Bubble).

You can specify which email the input gets sent to from the workflow.

Right. The email that comes from the admin page is a no reply email

@jordanfaucet @denverdave11, thanks very much guys, the help is much appreciated.

Okay, I have now set the “in app ‘admin’” email to "[email protected]" - So any correspondence sent to users from the app will come from there.

If I have a contact page with, for example, "for any queries contact ‘[email protected]’ -( No input or submit form) any email sent to this address from a user should still work right, even if this email is hosted at bluehost? I’m having trouble receiving any emails to this existing address since I changed my DNS to point to bubble. I’m wondering if I have done it correctly.

I will try the contact form with text inputs tomorrow and let you know how I get on, hopefully I start getting some emails through, even if they do come from [email protected]

Thanks again guys.

If you set up a contact page like that, yes users will copy your email address, and paste it into an email template from their provider (gmail, hotmail etc) and the message will go to your [email protected] inbox.

If you do not see it in your inbox; I would readdress this issue to bluehost support - I’m not familiar with bluehost - but it sounds like it may be their issue.

You should be able to test by sending an email to yourself at [email protected]


Thanks for the help @jordanfaucet. It was indeed a blue host issue has been fixed now. Thanks

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