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Can't save list of uplaod files (Uppy uploader plugin)

I’m having trouble saving the list of uploaded files to my thing, using the Uppy uploader plugin. I can upload all the files just fine, but in the worflow, when I try do save the list in my thing something seem wrong. I’m trying with the upload session complete, but I’m not able to do the save “add list Thisuppyuploader A’s uploaded file url’s”
What am I doing wrong? Can someone please give me an advice? Thanks.

Hi there @leoregisorrico,

I think that the issue is that you’re trying to upload a list of URLS which are typically text fields instead of a list of files. Is there an option that’s just This uppyuploader’s files?

There’s not that option. I was able to make this work before in another project exactly like this. I’m just missing something.