Can't see an Action API Call when creating a workflow

I have an API Call which is set up as Action.

Can anyone help explain why?

Thanks in advanced

You need to initialize the call first.

Thanks @mbeatring44.
I was following a tutorial for a plugin and they have the initialize step after adding the action to the workflow =/
I will reach out to the plugin maker for help.

Interesting. I’ve never tried this approach or played with the Etsy api.

In Etsy’s docs, a temp token might be something of interest to get you going though (?)

Sorry I couldn’t help further.

No Worries @mbeatring44. I am traditionally a .NET developer and have already used the Etsy API before. But I thought I would give a no-code platform a go for quick prototyping. I’m not used to not having access to all the code to see what’s actually happening under the hood. Because of that I struggle getting my head around no-code stuff lol. But I have only been looking at this for an hour so plenty of time to figure it out.