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Hi All

After some help on how to have a group heading, spent far too long on this and keep going round in circles, i am sure it can be done easily, but can’t figure it out.


I have a thing, which contains products
Product Type - so for example Bakery, Fruit, Vegetables.
Product Name - Bread, Scone, Apple, Pear, Carrot, Onion

I want to display the current products grouped by the Product type, but on the first item in that group i want a heading to say the product type (Not repeated), i usually create a single header table that uses when index is 1 then show the group, this time though the header could be anywhere as the number of products can vary.

I have attached a image of what i am trying to achieve, not sure if i need a repeating group to gather the “Product Type’s” unique items and then place the group header along with another repeating group of the “Product’s Name”.

Bakery Example

Any help really appreciated


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Here you go!


Hi there,

You’ll want to just use a search constraint for the sources and set that to Type=Bakery for example.

So you’ll have 3 repeatinggroups, each RG with a different source. Your source expression for each might be ‘Do a search for Products’ and set the constraint to be the relevant type field of the for each.

You’ll need three different groups (don’t use a RG for the types) and then have a text heading for each group that displays the type you are filtering by.

Does that make sense?


I think he needs the number of categories / types to be dynamic, so have suggested a grouping approach using RGs.

Thank you very much, worked a treat.

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