Can't select reusable elements in editor?

I can’t click to select a reusable element in the editor to open the window to edit the element. I can select it using the Element Tree, and that opens the edit window. But I’m trying to select multiple reusable elements (using shift key) to put them in a group and I can’t. Right clicking doesn’t work either.

Anybody else?

I haven’t experienced that but why don’t you just create the group and then drag them into the group in the element tree one by one?

Yeah, I’ve been working around it, but wanted to see if I was going crazy or if it was a legit bug.

Legit bug if I understand you correctly, I am having an issue where it appears that reuseable elements are under the group they are in even tho they are suppose to be above. So clicking on the reuseable element is only selecting the group behind and not the RE

Actually, yes. That’s a better way to describe the behavior. Which is weird because the RE is INSIDE of the group, so there shouldn’t be an above/below thing to worry about.

We should tag bubble support.


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