Can't send data to a group inside a group

I have a group (group type ‘number’) that is inside a group of another type. When I try to change that number using ‘Display data’, the number does not change. The same ‘number’ group will change it’s number through ‘Display data’ when it’s nested inside other groups, just not this specific one.

Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to fetch data from the parent group.

The parent group isn’t the same type, nor does it have the data that I need. When the number group is nested inside another group (also with a different group type) it works as expected.

Maybe you can share the editor preview

image image

The first one works, the second one does not (I can send data to the first group as expected, I cannot send data to the second). The only difference is, the first group is located inside a group with a different type, which should not matter because in neither case am I pulling data from the parent.

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I know it sounds basic, but try refreshing your app. I have had issues with group datasources not working when going a few levels deep nesting data in groups and a refresh solved the problem.

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