Can't set custom state for group in a table

I have the following situation:

  • i have a table that shows 2 columns
    – column A is a list from the DB of “modules”
    – column B is a list from the DB of “Module iterations” (multiple iterations per module possible)
  • inside of column B i have <> arrows that sequentially change the custom state “number” of the iterations group to change the iteration displayed

So far all of this works fine. But here is the problem: I want to set the custom state “number” to the max iteration of each module as default. But I am not able to do this. No matter how I build the workflow, i always end up with an issue “Set state - “bTPke” is not a possible option”

Can anyone help me on this?

You cannot set state of an element inside a table or repeating group.

But you can make the column a reusable element, give it an element property of “max iteration” and set its default value to the max iteration.