Can't store an email if an email type

This is in my workflow:

email_address is of type email
email2 us of type text

I can’t for the life of me get email_address to not be red/invalid.

Any idea why??

I assume from this that you have a custom datatype called “email”, yes?

And your "email_address’ field is of that custom datatype…

In which case, there’s your answer right there…

To set a field’s value, that value must be the same ‘type’ as the field (obviously)…

So you’re trying to set the value of the “email_address” field (which should be of type Email), to the input’s value (which will be of type text)… so there’s a Type mismatch, hence the red error.

So you’ll need to specify an actual Email item from your database to use as the value for the “email_address” field.

Ah yes, the template Im using has a custom type called email_address – doh!


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