Can't update Checkbox form "Yes" to "No"

Hi, I am new to Bubble and building out a “Salesforce Clone” from Bubble’s tutorials How To Build A Salesforce Clone Without Code and I did everything exactly like in the tutorial but for some reason when I try to Update “Webinar Registration” or “Sales Call” from “Yes” to “No” it doesn’t work.

I tried changing a bunch of stuff but nothing works. BUT if I try to change which checkbox is checked directly from the App Data then it works and shows on the CRM page “No” instead of “Yes” and if I am creating a New Lead and check “No” it shows as “No”. The problem starts when I try to update it from “Yes” to “No” afterwards, I even messed with the Conditionals and it would let me select “No” but in the repeating group preview would still update it as “Yes”.

P. S. Everything else besides that works fine, Bubble doesn’t show any issues

Please help, the goal is to be able to Update the “Webinar Registration” and “Sales Call” from “Yes” to “No” just like in Bubble’s Salesforce Tutorial. Thanks in advance!!

When you update your Sales Call or Webinar Registration, the answer to your expression Checkbox Yes Update Initial Sales Call is checked or Checkbox No Update Initial Sales Call is checked will always end up with yes. Because, either one will always be checked.

In these cases, you should use a toggle anyway or just one checkbox. If it is checked, it means yes. If it is not, it means no. Toggle is also the same way. Although, toggle is via plugins.

They condition you have put in needs to change. Here’s how you need to do this: set the checkbox as yes or as no on the top and add conditions on the bottom. Hope this helps :slight_smile: