Can't use information from a different workflow?

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if we are able to use information in a workflow coming from another workflow ?

eg: I created a spreadsheet on a workflow and I need the spreadsheetID of this spreadsheet to be used on another workflow; but bubble doesn’t let me find the dynamical input which corresponds to the specified spreadsheetID.

Any solutions ? I don’t want to have a billion actions on the same workflow…

Thank you for your time !

Can you not put it all in one workflow?

Another option is to define a parameter that allows you to pick the ‘right’ spreadsheet id. For example: do a search for spreadsheets and take the ID of the one that was created last.

The problem is that I will have over a thousand actions to put in one workflow… Not the best for the organization!

How could I pick the ‘right’ spreadsheet? My application is a form for clients to fill which will automatically create their own spreadsheet. So if several clients use it at the same time it may be a mess if I take the last created…

I am surprised that we can’t call other workflows parameters, I must be missing something !

Then for sure you add the user/client as a constraint. You can also restrict this in privacy settings…

You can also schedule a workflow to start after the last action of the workflow you want to refer to.

usually workflows can start and end at variable times so it will depend on when a user starts the next workflow manually. It will be impossible to then select the result of a workflow that happened before. Also, like you said if more than one user run a workflow, how do you know in the editor which result to take?

Usually the result of a workflow is a newly created thing. You should definitely be able to define that thing with logic to use it in another workflow.

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Thanks Vincent !

I’ll have a look and try all this out this afternoon !


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