Cant use same element error

Hello there I am creating a advertising page, where users can apply for adverts then the staff can, control if they accept or deny the advert. I’m coming across some issues with this element error seems daft to me, that you cant use the same element to display data. Any ways wonder if any one can fix this for me please? I not sure if I got this the wrong way around with repeating group and normal group (where advert will be displayed?)

So what im trying to do is the user/client can claim the empty spot and advertise there advert once accepted. I’m not sure how this would be implemented?, I have tried the tutorials and some videos on youtube, but found nothing on forms. I have even done the signup one but that dint really help me, normally I can get it to display data but now it wont do it as im getting this error.

Sorry for rambling a bit but this is confusing me. Also each advert spot is named as group window 1, 2 etc to identify them easier.

PS I tried to explain the best i can.

I don’t even understand this screenshot.

You seem to want to display a certain “advert” in window 1.

But what you’re doing is called a circular reference.

You’re saying (in essence):

“The thing I want to put in here is the thing that is described by what is already in here.”

This, of course, Is nonsensical.

That’s what that error means.


To put this into other terms… Are you familiar with spreadsheets, like Excel or Google Sheets?

Suppose we have an empty spreadsheet and we’re looking at cells A1 and A2 (the ones in the upper left). And now I put my cursor in A1 and say that the value of A1 will be A2.

All good, right? Whatever I put in A2 will be echoed to A1.

But now I put my cursor in A2, and instead of typing a value or some valid expression. I say A2 should be A1.

Well, now I have a circular reference. There will never be a value in either A1 or A2.

(Because A1 looks to A2 for its value. But what’s in A2? THE VALUE FROM A1… which is A2… Which is A1, which is A2 which is A1 which is A2 l, which is… boom, right?)

Circular references create infinite loops if there is no error checking to prohibit them.


Yeah sorry I have learning issues my self and find it hard to explain things as best way I can, this is why I mainly email support.

I can do spreadsheets etc but what way is the best way forward from here? would it be easier to do it some other way may be? What I am aiming for is for the client/username of the person registered, can advertise on our site once they have paid for the advert, then once accepted & checked over, it will be displayed. So i can get it to show up from do search (repeating group) first item ie search for adverts description in text and shows that way. This is when the error occurs.

I have placed the link above to show you whats happening with it, if some one could take a look for me, it be most appreciated sorry for going around in circles.

Thank you for your reply I think I understand what was happening, anyways I managed to get it displayed now :slight_smile:

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