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Can't use utf8mb4 with SQL plugin

Hi there. I need to be able to send emojis (as part of a longer text message) across from my mySQL database and since bubble doesn’t support blobs, I am required to use utf8mb4.

It seems though that you can’t use this by default with the plugin itself so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could fix this? Otherwise messages sent between mySQL and bubble will just have loads of question marks floating around where emojis are supposed to be…

On a sidenote, it would be really useful if bubble gave their SQL plugin more attention, because I am sure it’s an important feature to have for companies and users starting out in bubble and do not want to commit themselves to bubble’s DB system. Me and loads of other people have been scratching our heads and looking around the forums for answers to basic questions that aren’t answered in the documentation, to no avail.

You can contact bubble support or someone can help you.

But we can do with alternative and Its little bit complex.

Rather than connecting the sql server. Do some reset api in your server for accessing your salary server and returning data.

And use api connector to connect your rest api and get data of what you need in the bubble app. It will not have such issues.