Can't work out the logic for a Repeating Group

Hello Team,

I have a log of entries through an access control door which looks like this:

04/02/2023 12:16,UserName1,[email protected]
04/02/2023 12:09,UserName2,[email protected]
04/02/2023 11:05,UserName3,[email protected]
04/02/2023 10:40,UserName4,[email protected]
04/02/2023 10:22,UserName5,[email protected]
04/02/2023 10:11,UserName6,[email protected]

I have happily imported the data into the database.

However, I need to report on who has not accessed the door in the past (say) 14 days.

I’m struggling with the logic for the repeating group.

What I need is: if a user appears in the most recent 14 days, exclude them from the entire list. Therefore, whoever is left in the list has not accessed the door for the past 14 days.

Note that a user can appear several times in the list, sometimes several times on one day. They can appear in the list within 14 days and/or longer than 14 days.

Any help on the logic would be appreciated.

Cheers, Kurt

Something like…

List of Users : Minus List (list of users who are in the entries).

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