Canvas by Airdev Marketing Page


When you add a new marketing page in version 3.0 and then link to it “/page” is committed, so it throws up a 404.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hi @sav,

Thank you for flagging this issue. We’ve recently pushed a fix for this. For the changes to be reflected in your app, you would need to access the marketing page again with the page builder. In the page builder where you link to other marketing pages, please make some changes to the link (for example, switch from opening link in the same tab to opening in a new tab), save the block, and publish the marketing page again to your app. The ‘/page’ path should be included now in the updated marketing page. You can revert any of the changes but the key here is to update your blocks and publish your marketing page again.

If you encounter any issues in the future, please submit a bug report on our Support page and someone will follow up with you.

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