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Canvas developer wanted

Hey all,

We are searching for an experienced Canvas developer to help finish our landing page and a simple demo mode.

Here’s a basic run down:

We have the landing page mostly done but when someone requests a demo they fill in all their details then are asked to create an account, once an account is created they are Brought to a dashboard where they can see their account manager (this should be auto assigned) they can live chat with their account manager and check the status of their account setup and such.

On the admin side, we need a very basic CRM where we can live message with signed up users and set status e.g. “followed up” they should also be able to send out global HTML emails to all users signed up.

When applying please show proof of work with the canvas template.


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Hi, Adam.

My name is Volo and as a developer, I’ve worked a lot with Airdev Canvas.
Would be happy to help. Feel free to book a call on my website