Capacity - Ideas for Copying Nested Data-Types

Seeking some ideas from the great minds here. The app I’m working on allows a user to copy a “template” Which is essentially a handful of items of one data-type with nested data-types 4 levels deep. The top type is 1 item, the next is 5 items, the next is 1-3 items per each of those 5, and the final is 1-2 dozen per each of those above it.

The workflow to copy these (so the user has a copy) is very capacity-intensive. The rest of the app is production-ready, but I have concerns about this. With just one user doing this it hits 70% capacity.

Additional info: The copying tasks have intervals between 2-5 seconds depending on the data-type. Is increasing this number the primary way to lower capacity or are there some clever ideas that others have come up with?

Thank you for the help if you’re able.

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