Capacity with new pricing plans based on WU

Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the capacity offering with the new WU-based pricing plans?

Previously we can choose and increase the capacity of applications based on the need. Now what is the current capacity? and How can I increase it?

Capacity is no longer a thing… the new pricing model is based on workload rather than capacity.

Understood that. But My current application must be running on some capacity of the server. I want to know what is the capacity? and suppose it’s not enough. How can I increase them?

WU optimization is different and it doesn’t affect on capacity. It affects on my pricing.

You’d have to speak to Bubble directly if you want to know the actual details about the servers they use to host apps.

There’s no way to increase the available capacity, aside from using dedicated servers.

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Thanks a lot, @adamhholmes.

Does anyone know how to communicate directly with Bubble to know this?

@anishgandhi3592, you can reach out to them at

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Thanks, @mikeloc!

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