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Capture IP address of user submitting form

Does anybody know if there is there a simple way to capture the IP address of a user submitting a form? I’d like to record it when the user accepts the site terms of use.

If you have a search on the forum you should be able to find out where we got to on this.

The problem used to be that the IP address returned would be the IP of the bubble server. But that may have been solved ?

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I believe it is. The problem is when you use the plugin in the workflow it returns the servers up but if you display it in a field then it captures the users ip.

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Cheers. What is the plugin?

The plugin is ipiphy

Think this will help you @roddi Determine users country by ip

Please help - What do you mean “if you display it in a field then it captures the users ip”. I have been trying to get this to work using ipiphy and indeed I keep ending up with the server’s IP, not the user’s. What is the trick here? I’ve read through this forum post as well and it seems they’re trying to solve a much more complicated problem.

I just want one of the fields in my one of my “thing”'s to be populated with the user’s IP address (upon page load or whatever logic is relevant in the workflow).

Thank you!

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So what this basically means if you have the ipiphy plugin determine you IP using default value, or a custom state then you would get the users IP but if you have it determined using a workflow then the plugin will capture the servers IP

example here


Thanks @AliFarahat . Got it working the way you suggest.