Capture newly created Unique ID

I have a multiple step process.

Step #1…create a new thing & saving a few fields to the newly created record.

Step #2…I would like to ‘make changes to the thing’ I JUST created in Step#1

How can I capture the unique ID of the thing I created in Step #1, and carry it into Step #2 SO I can edit that very same thing?

How do I save the unique ID of the new thing I just created somewhere so I can use it to ‘make changes’ to that record?


No need, just refer to the step 1 thing in step 2’s workflow.

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Yes…this is my question.

Dow do I refer the that specific step#1 thing I just created?

When you “make a change to a thing”, the “result of step X” is available as a dynamic option. See below:



I am trying to do exactly this, but I don’t see the option you mention above. What I see is this:

What am I doing wrong?

This does seem to work if you need to refer to an earlier step in the same event but what if you want to refer to a step in a different event?

You mean “workflow”? There’s no “result of step” from a previous workflow. Unless of course you SAVE that result somewhere (as in a custom state).

So: Need to reuse something? Save it somewhere.

So I create a thing in one workflow when a button is clicked. And in another workflow on the same page (different button is clicked) I need to go back and update some fields in the first thing that was created.

Not right at all @keith . Proper response is here: Creating and modifying a new thing by taking Input from different forms on same page

You wanna store something? Just freaking store it.