Car occupancy App

My need is to build an app to visualize car seats occupancy with all kinds of passengers (adult/child/baby…). The seats occupancy is based on an Excel sheet data - the app will use PNG icons to visualize the passengers inside the vehicle figure.

The app should allow to navigate between different seats occupancy variations.

In addition, the App should allow adding data to each car seat variation (into the Excel) and to send some additional data to SQL server via POST/webhook.
Does bubble has an ability to connect online to Excel (read/write)?
Is there a way inside bubble to send data via API/JSON to MS SQL Server?

Yes there is an SQL plugin that will let you connect to MS SQL directly.


With our API connector, you can connect to any third party API you want, including google sheets or microsoft office online. You’ll be limited by the capabilites of the third party provider, so whatever they describe in their documentation as possible will be possible in Bubble.

As @bubble.trouble mentioned above, we also have a plugin called “SQL Connector” which will allow you to create connections to external DBs so you can read/write external data.

I hope this helps!