Career advice in bubble development

Can any one help me understand what are the career opportunities in bubble?

How can I seek the opportunity for better jobs in this field ?

What is the scope in future?

How much can I earn at the maximum level through this.?

That depends of what set of skills do you have/get. Currently there are people working on different roles like design, development, QA, product management, among other (sometimes you will have to do the work of more than one).

If you are good at the technical stuff, as a “full stack” you can make 30k-60k a year in " junior" positions, seniors make between 70k-90k. You could make 100k+ if you are really good and a company can afford you, but usually this require some extra set of skills, like API integrations or knowing code and other No-code tools.

As a PM with good technical background and other skills (creativeness, be a great communicator, management/organizational skills) you can make 80k-90k+.

I work with my own clients, which allows me to get great deals, but at the same time I have to do all the tasks by myself (PM, Designer, Developer, QA), which is not efficient and it is really hard for just one person to handle (for this reason I have partners I work with so I can rely on them when I’m having heavy workloads).

From my experience, the key to get a great income, regardless of if you are working with an agencie, startup, a company or as a freelancer:

  1. Be honest: there are stuff that simply you cannot handle, it could be because Bubble’s limitations or yours, but overselling your services will only get you into troubles and at the end even if you are charging something like $100 per hour, you will get $20 or $30 because all the troubleshooting you will have to do. Worst case scenario you may not even get paid.

  2. Be professional: professionalism is not only showed in the app you deliver, it is also showed in your day to day service and support. Very often professionalism is as relevant (or even more) than the technical skills, it makes your clients feel well attended and that they can trust you.

  3. Be a partner: Often my clients do not only seek development, but also advise. If you only seek the money they will feel like they are talking to a salesman and that’s not what they are looking for. I once assisted a client who wanted to create a multistep form tool to use internally in his company, I showed him Typeform and it was exactly what he needed, I lost that deal, but then he wanted to automatize flows using webhooks and guess who did he look for.

To summarize, be honest, be professional, be a partner and practice/learn a lot!

PD: if you are going to Bubble to make of it a career, make it a priority and not a hobby or something to try. I invested 6-7 months full-time building projects by myself before working on an agency and starting making real money. Starting a project of your own is, in my opinion, the best way to learn at first.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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